Recent discussions – some links


Parenting and feminist motherhood blogs discuss issues surrounding approaches to childhood safety. The questions were first raised at American Family (USA) and the questions were answered many times by commenters, but transferred to other blogs as well; Raising WEG (USA), Penguin Unearthed (AU), In A Strange Land (AU) and Blue Milk (AU). I tracked this discussion back from Blue Milk.

There was a lot of talk about the disturbing existence of the video game RapeLay, particularly in comparison to questions about game violence generally. Belle Waring at John and Belle Have a Blog asks why the game is so much more disturbing than games that simulate murder. Lisa Kansas at PunkAssBlog argued that in violent games, killing people is at least partly a means to another end, and basically indiscriminate, whereas the whole objective of Rapelay is to rape, and that the violence targets women and girls in particular. The Curvature (USA) argued that:

  • Genuine and logical criticism of the game, I think, isn’t about it causing an actual number of rapes, but about it supporting and expanding the conditions that already exist, virtually around the world, that allow rape to be committed.

This is not specifically an Australian discussion, but Nadya Suleman and her fertility doctor Michael Kamrava were also a topic of discussion in many feminist/political blogs. A Little Pregnant (USA) linked to an LA Times article that reported that the same doctor had transferred 7 embryos to another woman leading to her life being endangered by carrying quads. In the comments many expressed concern that the situation gave the practice of normal, responsible IVF a bad name, and feared that it would cause a dangerous backlash for infertile women who want the choice of using it. Several other USAn bloggers identified misogynistic / controlling overtones of the furor surrounding Suleman (The Kugelmass Episodes, The Angry Black Woman, Sybil Vane at Bitch Ph.D).

Continuing the theme of motherhood and medicine, in a guest post on Hoyden About Town, Ruzawench reports irresponsibility on the part of her health practitioner, when she was prescribed amphetamines for weight loss while still breastfeeding. Lauredhel also posted Antibreastfeeding Bingo. She also posted an analysis of the Maternity Services Review, on a weekend when it was in the news, questioning

  • Why is a government report designed to stimulate rational national reform backing away from “sensitive” issues? Could it be that it’s not actually there to stimulate reform at all?

And noting

  • that the issues of non-consensual intervention, violence and birthrape at the hands of birthing practitioners is not mentioned. “Consent” is absent. The only violence present is domestic violence. Women’s experiences are erased. And the only women with “culture” are Indigenous women.

This follows on from TigTog’s post on the same subject, which questions the methodology of the review, in that it doesn’t discuss socioeconomic and other factors effecting the difference between private and public care. Both posts question the mainstream media’s response to the Review.


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