Blog fail


So I guess this blog has failed as an academic blog.

To be honest I am not comfortable (after 10 years of personal blogging) excluding my self, my life from blogging style writing. Attempts to separate the personal from the academic on this blog meant that I diverted academic stuff to my academic work, and personal stuff to my personal blog, which left nothing left for this page.

So the focus of this blog is going to change, to include more of my experience of writing a phd, and other things that I care about. This seems a hell of a lot more authentic. A lot of my academic notes are in dribs and drabs rather than fully formed posts (if something is fully formed, then wouldn’t I just write it in a paper or something?). A more personal style allows me to bring these dribs and drabs together without committing to them intellectually.

So I will do that.


One Response to “Blog fail”

  1. This seems reasonable. The whole you is always going to be more interesting than just some small facet of you.

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