I am in my first semester of a PhD in Politics and International Relations as part of an ARC Research project into the discursive legacy of the women’s movement in Australia. My part in that is a multi-disciplinary study looking at the current Australian feminist community online from the perspective of social movement theory. I will be building on research into online communities, as well as social movement theory and Australian feminist discourse.

I will be using this blog as a way to explore ideas and make contact with other researchers as well as other feminist bloggers.

My background is also in Political Science and International Relations – I am particularly interested in cultural production as political activity and political resistance. I am also interested in literature, particularly underground literature and zines, totalitarianism and linguistic repression, and post-communism. I once had a per/litzine called Fresh Produce which had 6 or 7 issues. I have kept a personal blog since 1997, currently hosted on livejournal (username eclipsedeyes) and before that diaryland and before that on my tripod gURLpage! My twitter username is fphd.

I am 27 years old and worked for a few years in admin jobs since completing my undergraduate degree – a bank and then a couple of government departments. I also lived in Scotland for just under a year and in the Czech Republic for a few months. Other than that I have lived in Sydney my whole life.

Writing is the way I think, my brain never holds anything for long (as my mum would say, my mind’s a sieve), so writing is really the best tool I have for hashing out and playing with ideas. A lot of my writing here is a work in progress, and reflects myself as also a work in progress. Feel free to point out problems or stupidities to me. It’s not meant to be academic writing at this stage and I welcome feedback and ideas.


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