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Welcome to the May 5, 2010 edition of the down under feminists carnival. It is also the 24th edition which means the carnival has been going for TWO YEARS! Happy Birthday DUFC. The optional theme for this edition of the carnival was “community”. Many of the posts in the carnival discuss gendered experience of public […]

First of all, some very good news is that I finally have a flat to move into – in Petersham – and can soon stop working out of my mother’s spare room! We (my partner K and I) will be moving in next weekend and the flat is big enough for me to set up […]

I plan to make this a regular feature, as I am constantly adding random things of interest to my Bookmarks without much thought about what I can do with them – so I may as well keep track of them and share them to boot! The wonderful thing about online research is that it’s such […]