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This is a very quick post to say that I will be hosting the Down Under Feminist Carnival for this month (April). The optional theme is “Community”, specifically of the online feminist variety, but this theme can be broadly interpreted or ignored completely if you wish! Submit posts at Blog Carnival throughout the month, but […]



This week I went to the APSA Conference at Macquarie Uni to give the first of my papers. I did my first year of uni at Macquarie, and it’s right near where I grew up, so it was kind of nice to be back there for a few days. It’s a beautiful campus (imho). I […]

First of all, today is my Uni presentation / Postgrad seminar / practice-run for the conferences I’ll be attending over the next few weeks. That’s in 2.5 hours. I am totes hanging out for Beta Blockers, but am pretty happy with the written-up speech itself. Secondly, the first paper has been accepted and I’ll be […]

Blog fail


So I guess this blog has failed as an academic blog. To be honest I am not comfortable (after 10 years of personal blogging) excluding my self, my life from blogging style writing. Attempts to separate the personal from the academic on this blog meant that I diverted academic stuff to my academic work, and […]

While recognising the importance of culture in the process of social change, Melucci (1996, 36-37) artificially separates the cultural from the political. In his view there are social movement actors who prepare the public for political change through cultural discourse, and other actors who then “process” the issue through “political means”. But cultural politics is […]

Parenting and feminist motherhood blogs discuss issues surrounding approaches to childhood safety. The questions were first raised at American Family (USA) and the questions were answered many times by commenters, but transferred to other blogs as well; Raising WEG (USA), Penguin Unearthed (AU), In A Strange Land (AU) and Blue Milk (AU). I tracked this […]

Week 27 Update


Before I go on with my usual update I wanted to say hi to anyone who finds this blog via trackbacks or pingbacks when I link to blogs. I am a phd student in the early stages of studying the network of feminist blogs in Australia.  Basically I am looking at the role of online […]